Author David Roy

Explore the profound and transformative experiences of an individual who has shared their journey of finding God in their life, while God was dropping bread crumbs to help him in his journey. Gain insight, inspiration, and guidance for your own spiritual journey.

Finding Peace

(view of Brettuns Pond, Livermore, Maine)

Finding God is also Finding Peace. Life still provides difficult times, which is our clue that it's time to turn to God's Peace once again.

Journey of Faith

Our Journey is one of Faith, and sharing it with someone else offers us a way we can learn what Love is, and teach us of our own weaknesses, to help bring us into humility.

Spiritual Awakening

An exploration of the moments of spiritual awakening and enlightenment that can occur in one's life, leading to a deeper connection with God.

Recommended Reading

He and I: by Gabrielle Bossis (Highly recommended! This book is one that you can read even if you only have a few minutes to spare. It's her diary)

Gratitude and Grit: The Life of Blessed Solanus Casey

The Mystical City of God: Mary of Agreda

Augustine "Confessions": Translated by F.J. Sheed

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David Roy

My name is David Roy, I am the author of the book 'Did I Find God or Did God Find Me'. Through my writing, I hope to provide readers with an example how God can interact in our lives, and help them find God in their own lives.

"For years I shared my stories, never believing they were bookworthy. My wife Sonia and friend Nabil convinced me otherwise".


Quantity, Not Quality

What's important is to talk with God often, every day, even several times a day. Quantity is what's important, not quality. God just wants to be in our lives and this process begins when He is in our thoughts!

Talk to Him as if your talking to yourself, after all, He is part of you. Let Him know that you know that!

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