About Me

I am the author of the book 'Did I Find God or Did God Find Me'. Through my writing, I hope to provide readers with insight into finding God in their lives.

"For years I shared my stories, never believing they were bookworthy. My wife Sonia and friend Nabil convinced me otherwise".

Did I Find God or Did God Find Me

This autobiography doesn’t tell the story of my entire life, just the portion showing how God can insert Himself into our lives in ways we can never even fathom.
There were several other facets in my life that I’m sure influenced those formative years, and choosing to please God was an important part of my life—I guess my mom taught me well.
For example, the “do onto others” philosophy I took very seriously. So, for that reason, I’d never intentionally hurt anyone or cheat on a girlfriend since I knew how rejection felt.

Recommended Readings

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The Mystical City of God by Mary of Agreda

Share Your Story About Your Own Journey Finding God


Quality, Not Quantity Here

What's important is to talk with God often, every day, even several times a day. Quantity is what's important, not quality. God just wants to be in our lives and this process begins when He is in our thoughts!

As it says on the cover of the book, "Did I Find God or Did God Find Me" talk to Him as if your talking to yourself. After all, He is part of you. Let Him know that you know that!